Fat Loss and Weight Maintenance are Skills

For years and years I thought something was wrong with me. I couldn't figure out this whole weight loss thing, and I certainly couldn't keep the weight off that I DID actually lose.

I figured it was my brain that was stopping me from succeeding long term, and just kinda gave up on my goals of being lean, fit and healthy.

This went on for about 15 years, in fact: my weight went down, it went up, it went down, and it went up again.

Here's the thing that I was missing.

Losing weight, and then the maintaining of that weight loss, I believe, are skills.

The definition of 'skill' is: a learned power of doing something competently : a developed aptitude or ability.

So when you look at it this way, the first thing that is required is knowledge. Knowledge of how, what and why.

Now knowledge alone is not enough. That knowledge needs to be applied for it to be powerful and effective, but one of the biggest things that is missing in a lot of modern diets is the fact that the 'why' behind the 'what' is not taught.

This in turn means that the knowledge required for that skill to be competent is not complete. So essentially if we are told what to do without the knowledge and understanding of why, we are just robots repeating a mindless routine.

This isn't helpful.

Allowing yourself time to learn the principles of weight loss is the first part of the requirements to develop a skill.

The second part is then making a decision to follow through on the action, no matter what. And that requires commitment to repeatedly and consistently practice the necessary actions over time.

This is what develops into a strong skill.

Weight maintenance is no different. It is a new set of skills that need to be learned. Being at your goal weight doesn't mean you have arrived and can 'let go'.

It is simply a land mark on your map, which requires a new set of skills of how to navigate the new terrain.

These workouts are designed to be done in the gym environment where you have the use of equipment. They take only 30 minutes with each workout following on and building upon the previous.

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