How Should You Train As A Woman Approaching 40 and Beyond?

It is a really good question. 'Should I be training differently now that I am approaching that number?'

The answer comes down to 3 things:

  1. What is your goal?
  2. Do you want results?
  3. Do you want results?

Yes, it's not a typo. I put that in twice to grab your attention.

I coach women online and in person. I have been doing so for nearly a decade now. And probably 95% of those women have wanted to drop fat, 'get toned', and become stronger.

So for the purpose of this Gift Box, I'm going to assume that is what your goal is too. Heck, it's my goal! It always is. Who doesn't want to get stronger? Look more toned?

With that as the grounds for your goal, you HAVE to ask the question, what is the best way to train now that I am approaching 40 (and beyond), as a woman?

Well, it is definitely a point of frustration for me, because I see it daily in the gym. I see it online...

...And that is the thinking that you HAVE to end up on the floor, a sweaty mess, all huffy and puffy at the end of your workout.

I haven't trained that way for years. Seriously, I haven't.

If you want to lose unwanted fat, your nutrition will drive those results.

If you want to tone your body and get stronger, your training will drive those results.

So train in the right way for THAT goal.

It is called progressive resistance training. Or I prefer 'Tension Progression'.

Imagine doing a bicep curl with no weight (try it now while you are reading).

Feel your bicep muscle, it's not overly working hard, it's still a bit relaxed, there is not a lot of tension on the muscle.

Now imagine you are curling 20 pounds / 10kg. The muscle will have a lot more tension running through it as you lift the weight up, right?

This tension that is created is what drives muscle growth, and progressively increasing that tension over time keeps muscles growing.

THIS is where you will achieve a toned, strong body. Not by doing HIIT. Not by being a sweaty hot mess on the floor, all out of breath and what not...

So this is where the right training plan is vital, because it needs to make sure you are lifting heavier, or increasing the tension in your muscles, over time.

Now there are several ways that you can do this. The first one is fairly obvious: You add more weight.

But you can only add more weight for so long, right?

So how can you continue to follow the principle of Tension Progression over time?

A well structured training plan will help you do this in how it is programmed.


These workouts are designed to be done in the gym environment where you have the use of equipment. They take only 30 minutes with each workout following on and building upon the previous.

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