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This brand new 
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Whether you have a wedding, a high school reunion, a special anniversary, or you just want your weight loss 'done already', this protocol will bring you results in record time 

- without having to spend hours in the gym -


I have created the AFLP to give you a specific set of tools designed to burn fat (not muscle), FAST.  

It is a periodized protocol.  So that means that you don't need to 'diet' for months and months at a time.  In fact, I don't want you to.  

This protocol moves you through accelerated fat loss phases, then on to maintenance phases where you get to take a break from the dieting process.


95% of people who go on a diet end up putting the weight back on (and often more) simply because they don't have the right tools to maintain their new weight.

That's where the AFLP is different.  Not only will you learn the skill of fat loss, but you will learn HOW to maintain your new weight for the rest of your life.

6 MONTHS AND 44lbs

Male?  Female?  In your thirties or your fifties?  This will work for you.  This transformation was not a 5 month slog.  It was broken up into phases.  5 weeks of dieting followed by 2 weeks of maintenance.  And the transformation has been maintained with no weight re-gain.


Here's what successful AFLPers say:

"Each week I have found it easier and easier.  I am rarely hungry, I always feel satisfied and I have not been craving naughty food at all."

"I must say that this program is easy once you are focussed and prepared with the selected foods and... a lot of people are asking what Im doing... My clothes are loose, my watch is almost onto the next notch and I feel Im almost back into my happy space."

"I wish I found this protocal before now.  This is SO easy!  I'm not hungry, the scales are moving fast, and I am seeing results!"

The Benefits Are Clear

The periodized protocol works.  And it can work for you too.  
Life is too short to be wasted worrying about diets or the next fad.  

This is for everyday people who want to GET IT DONE.

Sick and tired of not seeing results?

Yo-yo dieted all your adult life?  Yep, me too.  And every time I dieted, it was SO slow, I would give up.

This protocol will have you dropping the first 22lbs (10kg) FAST to kickstart your fatloss goal.


No need to GRIND away for months and months and months.  

Run the protocol and see the results for yourself.
An individualised protocol depending on your currently body fat percentage
Complete support via our community forum - a safe place for you to ask questions, share your wins, and make life long friends
Calorie Tracking App to track to monitor your food every day
BEST OF ALL it is SAFE - this is one of the most researched fat loss approaches
2 days per week resistance training program either in gym, or at home
Learn the skills of both fat loss AND weight maintenance

The 7 Pillars of the Protocol

Pillar 1: PERIODIZATION - A specialised protocol that is customised to your current body fat percentage
Pillar 2: PROTEIN - A carefully calculated daily protein intake designed to hold (and build) your lean muscle, maintaining your metabolism
Pillar 3: FREE FOODS - All the beautiful free foods you can eat on the protocol to nourish your body and your health, while keeping you full
Pillar 4: SUPPLEMENTS - Your power-house supplement regime enhancing vitality and youth
Pilar 5: RESISTANCE TRAINING - A 2x per-week resistance program to build a beautifully toned body
Pillar 6: CARB REFEEDS - Carbs are NOT the enemy.  You will eat them as part of your protocol
Pillar 7: MAINTENANCE - Active phases of maintaining your new weight - an important skill to master

Frequently Asked Questions.

I get it.  You've done 'diets' before.  Nothing has worked.  I did it like a million times.  And it makes you sceptical, right?  The FAQ below may help clarify things for you.
How long does the AFLP run for?
You will have ongoing support from me via the community forum.  But how long you run the protocol for will be determined by your current body fat percentage and my recommendation for your personal circumstance.
Do I have to do hours of cardio and exercise?
It is a nutrition focused accelerated fat loss protocol. You will train 2x per week doing resistance training.  Nothing more.

I am vegan - will this work for me?
It is possible for you, however it will be difficult to obtain the amount of protein required for the protocol.  Its not impossible, but it will be more challenging.
Does this program include coaching?
When you purchase the AFLP you will be supported in our online community forum, however it does not include coaching.  If you would like more personalised support either in a group environment or one-on-one coaching, you can choose these options at checkout by selecting to become part of the Academy (monthly membership) or the Inner Circle (one-on-one coaching).
When is the next intake?
You can purchase the protocol anytime and kick off anytime.  I run intakes throughout the year to guide, support and bring accountability.  Join us today.
I am breast feeding, will this be okay for me?
No, this protocol is a more extreme approach and not appropriate for nursing mums.
Will I be hungry?
Only for the first 3 - 4 days.  After that, my clients have consistently reported no hunger.  The secret is in the food I have you eat and what we cut out for the short term protocol.
Is this female only?
While the majority of people I help are women, I have helped males smash their fat loss journey too (see case study below). 

So... How Much?

If you learned the skill of not only accelerated Fat loss, but the tools to help you keep it off the rest of your life, wouldn't that be priceless?
single payment

Lifetime Access

$47 USD

For a short time only I am offering you this insane price for my entire Accelerated Fat Loss Protocol.
What you get
"If only I knew about this before now!"
Online course delivery in an easy to use platform
The entire repeatable protocol
24/7 support in our amazing online community
Lifetime updates to the Fat Loss Protocol
The community forum brings a community of like minded people on the same journey - a place to ask questions, seek support, and share your wins
And of course, you will see some AMAZING fat loss 
BONUS : In-Gym or At Home training program

Is this just sensationalism?

Fact or Fiction?

Sceptical like me?  Read on...
I get it - you're sceptical.  And so you should be.  There is so much sensationalism out there not giving a true or accurate depiction of timelines, let alone the actual truth of the transformation.

So allow me to share this actual case study with you.

Results come with consistent action.  Yes, this protocol is FAST.  But you still have to stick at it, consistently, over time.

Here are the results that are available to you, if you are prepared to put in the work.


Everyone has a story.  Everyone has a beginning.  

Meet Amber.  42 years old, mum and busy entrepreuneur.  


Amber started with a decision.  She was determined not to let her age be the determining factor for her results. 

One round equated to 22lbs / 10kg


This progress photo is after 3 rounds (5 weeks each).

Following the protocol to the 'T', Amber watched her weight move through normal fluctuations, with the overall trend being DOWN.

Next, 2 weeks maintenance.
She only trained twice per week.


Weight loss is very different to FAT LOSS.  The AFLP is a FAT LOSS PROTOCOL.  The focus is to rid the body of FAT, not muscle.  Amber continues on her journey using the protocol as a repeatable solution to achieving her body composition goal.

She is a true inspiration.


Everyone has a story.  
Everyone has a beginning.

Meet Anthony. This image is not the heaviest he had been, but in actual fact he had already dropped 22lbs / 10kg.

With a 50th birthday 8 months away, he made a decision to join the AFLP.


This progress photo is after 2 rounds (5 weeks each).

Following the protocol to the 'T', he had his biggest visual transformation in these first 2 rounds.

Next, 2 weeks maintenance.
He only trained twice per week.


The 3rd round of 5 weeks saw a further 16lbs (7.5kg) down and no muscle loss.  

This carefully designed program is designed to maximise (and build) lean muscle, while annihilating body fat.


The 4th round of 5 weeks saw a further 16lbs (7.5kg).  
50th birthday goal achieved!

From commencing the AFLP through to these images, it was a total of 8 months, but only 20 weeks on the AFL protocol (4 rounds of 5 weeks). 


The leaner you are, the shorter your time on the protocol. 

It is achievable for anyone  - man or woman, young or old, menopause, pre-menopause, Mums, Dads, Grandmas or Grandpas.

All it takes is a decision.  Will you join us?

Be the next success story

"Honestly thank you! What a great program and course content that was easy to read but also easy to follow and understand. Your support through out has been amazing and appreciated.

Whilst the intial weeks were more a mental challenge it was definitely worth it! I’ve lost 17.6 lbs (8kg) to date! For the last 4 years since having my kids I have tried all different types of exercise routines and diets and nothing has shown me this kind of success! Everyone keeps asking me what I’ve been doing and where can they get this program!

Thanks for giving us this opportunity and it’s not only been a physical change for me but more importantly a mental change towards how I eat and what I eat!"


"After 7 weeks total weight loss: 21 lbs (9.6 kgs)
Neck: 1.3 inches (3.5cms)
Waist: 3.1 inches (8cms)
Hips: 2.7 inches (7cms)
My body fat % was down 5.2%

I can’t thank you enough for your support and encouragement during the first round and I am super excited for the second round.

I have found the program easy to follow, the recipes also have been really tasty and easy to make. The at home work outs have also been great, easy to implement and do each week.

Over the last few years, I gained ALOT of weight and I managed to loose some on my own but it was a very slow process and I got to a point where things just would not move. 

After the first 2 weeks I could feel and see a massive difference in my clothes and I felt amazing.
I have just been overseas during my 2 week break and I was able to wear summer outfits with more comfort and confidence – thank you Sal!"


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