But I'm So Busy I Don't Have Time

November 18, 2020

We live fast paced lives. We’re all 'busy'. We wear many hats every day: Mum, work / career, tutor, managing the home, chef, counselor, accountant, cleaner, confidant, lover. And somewhere in amongst wearing all these hats we have our own self care. Life just feels ‘busy’.

Then as we get older, we notice our body starting to change - it’s more difficult to lose the weight, or it starts creeping on, especially around the middle, and we set a goal to lose the belly fat, or we really want to tone up the ‘flabby bits’. But we’re so 'busy', how on earth are we going to find the time to prioritise that?

Today's episode brings clarification to 'busy-ness' and why we need to eliminate the word 'try' from our vocabulary.

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