But It's Not My Fault...

For years I was a victim. I was overweight, and I was unhappy, but it wasn't my fault.

When I was 25, I had a really difficult pregnancy and felt sick 24 /7. The only thing that stopped the nausea was to eat. So I did. ALL the time. From the moment I woke, to the minute my head hit the pillow, I had food in my mouth.

While it brought relief from the ill feeling I was experiencing during that 9 months, my issue stemmed much deeper.

It was my thinking around my situation that was the real issue. It was my mindset.

I was in a position of victimhood throughout my pregnancy all those years ago, blaming everything else for the fact that I was sick, and for the fact that I was putting on weight.

And even after my daughter was born, I still continued to eat, because I felt like I wasn't in control of my life.

For such a long time, food was my crutch that helped with the physical sensation (nausea). But this thinking that food was fixing something within me, then started to transfer to food fixing negative emotions. So although I wasn't sick anymore, I continued to eat, now using food to help me feel better emotionally.

But it didn't. All it did was made things worse. I was still overweight, I was still tired, I was still unhappy, and I was a victim.

It wasn't until I started looking inwards at my own thinking that I realised I had been blaming everything else for my circumstance, rather than taking ownership of my own decisions, and responding to my situation in a way that was going to serve me and my goals.

I realised that I needed to start thinking differently if I wanted a different result.

No one was forcing food down my throat. No one was making me eat all the things. It was my choice to start responding to my circumstance, and not react - and not use food to solve my problems.

That was the start of my journey of owning my life.

Want to know the good news? It worked! Food doesn't fix any emotion. It really doesn't.

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