The Importance of Planning Ahead of Time

If I was asked to share one thing, and one thing only, that would move you towards your body composition goal, I could sum it up in one word:


Planning ahead of time is the number one most powerful strategy you can implement in your life to see you achieving lasting success.

Plan your day.

Plan your week.

Plan your month.

Plan your year.

Plan. Because if you don't plan ahead with intention and purpose, you will end up being swayed by things that don't serve your goals.

So you're not a planner you say. You're a super chilled, relaxed kinda gal who likes to 'take things as they come'.

Yep, so am I. I am super chilled, calm, relaxed.

And every time I don't plan ahead, I end up doing things I wished I didn't. I end up eating things I wish I didn't. I end up not doing things I wish I did.

Planning is more than just scheduling. It is about approaching our time here on earth with intention. It is about making the most of life. It is about making commitments and sticking to them. It is about using our adult brain, our higher human brain, to create, to envision, to inspire ourselves and those around us.

"Plans are nothing; planning is everything" - Eisenhouser.

I believe that Eisenhouser was implying that we all have good intentions, and sometimes those intentions go by the way side. Sometimes a spanner is thrown in the works of our best made plans.

But the power is IN the planning itself. It is the fact that you are setting the intention in the first place. That you are not merely happy to mosey through life not really having anything to do with it remaining unconscious, unaware, or unintentional about anything.

Plan your food ahead of time.

Plan when you will exercise each day.

Plan time for the things that fill your cup.

Plan time to plan!

I have created an organisational journal for you. I have designed it to help you find your most important values, and then learn how to prioritise those things into a workable plan.

Plans are nothing.

Planning is everything.

These workouts are designed to be done in the gym environment where you have the use of equipment. They take only 30 minutes with each workout following on and building upon the previous.

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