Normal Eating - What Does That Even Look Like?

December 23, 2020

At Christmas time, we overeat, potentially over drink, and it seems to be a normal thing for us. We don't question it.

We eat cake when it's our birthday. We eat cereal for breakfast. We grab a Zaraffas coffee mid afternoon. These are all 'normal' eating things that we 'do', and we don't necessarily question.

But what about when you choose NOT to have dessert? Then your girlfriend is like, "what? You're not having dessert? Why?"

And it feels like when we go 'against the norm' we are doing the wrong thing by not having dessert, when in fact not having it is serving us and our goals more than having it is.

In today's episode we break down what 'normal' is, what 'normal eating' looks like, and how we can begin to purposefully craft and shape our lives to a new normal for US that serves us and our goals.

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