How To Get Rid of Belly Fat

If you're a woman over 40, you may have noticed 2 things:

  1. You gain fat around your belly easier than you used to
  2. You struggle to lose that belly fat more now that you're older

This can feel very frustrating, especially if you are determined to make changes with how you look and positive changes for health reasons.

This episode explores the scientific principles of how to get rid of belly fat after 40 through the Three Body Recomposition Pillars that Feminine & Fierce embraces:


What we eat, how we move, and how we think.


Training for a Toned Body

When I first started out doing resistance training, I had so many questions.

How many reps should I do? How many sets?

Should I train to failure? How much weight should I be adding?

Today we look at hypertrophy training (training for a toned body) and the difference of training for pure strength.

My 10 years of strength training has seen me reach elite level for Bench press and Squat, and advanced level for Deadlift. I share the learnings I've had along the way from my own personal experience, coaching in my own facility, and the many scientific readings I have done over that time.

The Two Sides To Achieving Any Goal

If we want to achieve any goal, it always involves two distinct sides:

  1. The Numbers
  2. The Drama

The numbers is all the scientific and mathematical principles that are necessary for you to actually achieve that goal.

The drama is all the emotion that we create and experience along the way.

In this episode, we explore 6 important factors to help you move towards your body composition goal on the numbers side, and 6 crucial things on the drama side.

I believe so passionately that the two must work hand in hand. If you want to experience long term success, you must understand both sides of the equation, and be willing to explore each point with curiosity.

The Role Of Dopamine

Dopamine was originally thought of as critical in the "pleasure" system of the brain.

Research began to show that dopamine is also critical in causing seeking behavior.

Dopamine causes you to want, to desire, to seek out, and search. It is released when your brain is expecting a reward.

So essentially, it is the 'desire' transmitter - responsible for creating the DESIRE before the reward.

In today's episode we look at how to turn this around in your favour, and why living a life with conscious intention and thinking on purpose is so important in the pursuit of your goals.

Are Your Hormones To Blame For Your Lack Of Weight Loss?

"Pretty sure I'm in starvation mode".

I'd be filthy rich if I was paid a dollar for every time I heard a client tell me this.

As women we have it pretty tough when it comes to dropping unwanted fat and keeping if off.

But what is really happening when the weight loss just stops? Are you really in starvation mode? Are your hormones the culprit for your stagnation in progress?

Check out this episode for all the answers.

The 5 Biggest Mistakes Women Over 40 Make When Trying to Build Muscle

Are you training at the gym, or even at home, but not seeing changes in your body? Are you trying to build strength, muscle, tone but feeling frustrated that no definition is showing?

There is good reason why. In fact, there are 5 main reasons why you're not seeing the results you've been wanting.

Whether you're a woman over 40, or even if you're younger, these principles all apply.

I've also created a free gift for you - the Beginners Strength Guide. Take it, read it, and start to implement what you learn.

Let's get strong together. xx

The One Thing Stopping Your Weight Loss Goal

Want to lose weight? Simple.

Join a gym. Train hard. Track your calories. Track the energy burned during your session.

Not seeing results?

Train harder.

Well, not so fast. While it is SO easy to fall into the "I just have to train harder to see the results I want" mentality, there is one thing stopping you from making progress. We talk about it in today's episode.

Does Fasted Cardio Help With Fat Loss?

You've probably heard that fasted cardio is great to increase fat burning.

This was such a bummer for me when I heard this because I personally feel ill if I train without any food in my belly. So I turned to the research to find out if there was any validation to this statement.

In today's episode we look at how the body burns fat, how fasted training impacts weight loss, if fasted strength training makes you lose muscle, and the research showing the real story.

Finding The Sweet Spot For Strength Training

When Dad called me last week telling me mum was on her way to the hospital after a fall, my heart skipped a beat. After a moment, and a little more information gathering, I realised that mum, while potentially suffering a broken bone, was going to be ok.

But it increased my desire to encourage you to start doing, or continue doing strength training. Not only for how your body looks, but for bone health.

Today's episode we dive deeper into how much strength training is 'enough' and how much may be too much. And I have created a free gift for you - A Beginner's Strength Guide complete with a beginner barbell program.

Just click the button for your free guide.

Are The Scales The Only Way To Track Progress?

Understanding that the scales only track your total body weight, and do not indicate any kind of body composition, we need to realise that there are several ways to track your progress.

It's important to realise that none provide more than an estimate, and not one on its own is the ideal tracking method.

If you use several of the methods I am about to explain to you, it will provide an overall estimate of progress - especially if you want to change your body composition.