Why Should We Choose Our Problems?

[A lesson from The Academy]

Often, the only difference between a problem being painful or being powerful is the sense that we choose it.  That we are responsible for it.  

If you’re unhappy in your current situation, chances are it’s because you feel like some part of it IS outside your control - that there is a problem you have no ability to solve, a problem that was somehow thrust upon you without your choosing.  

So how do we make the shift to empowerment?

How do we choose our problems?

Well….that’s the catch.

You already are. 

Whether you like it or not, whether you are aware of it or not, you are taking an active role in what’s happening TO you, and what’s happening WITHIN you. 

You see we are always choosing the values within which we live, and the metrics that we use to measure everything that happens to us in terms of success or failure -  and everything in between. 


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Why do we return to our old ways

Why DO we go back to our old ways?

Have you ever asked yourself why you have yo-yo'd in the past with your weight? Why you have moved from diet to diet to try find the solution to your weight concern?

Have you actually stopped and honestly asked yourself the single most powerful question on the planet: WHY?

"Why have I not remained consistent in my resolve to drop unwanted fat?"

"Why have I returned to my old ways of eating?"

"Why have I been inconsistent with my training?"

"Why have I believed that I CAN'T do this?"

Scientists asked this exact same question of the 12 steps in AA. And what they found is what today's episode is all about.

Happy listening!


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Why is it that we feel like we are missing out? When we struggle not to eat food, or we constantly compare ourselves to others results or circumstances, why does it breed a feeling of lack within us, or a feeling like something is missing within us?

But why is that? Why is FOMO such a real thing? And what even is JOMO? (lol - I had NO idea).

Let's dive in to these in today's episode.


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What creates the gap between your goal and your success?

If you're listening to this podcast in real time, it is the first week of January. New years resolutions and goal setting is at the forefront of our mind. Even if it is something not so specific but a general 'I want this year to be better than last', it is still a formulation of a goal of sorts.

But why is it that after a short period of time, any goal we set becomes a distant thought? Why is it that we have the best intentions but we don't follow through?

Let's explore this in today's episode.


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The Secrets to Maintaining Your Weight

If you have yo-yo dieted your whole life (like I did for 15 years), you have probably come to the same conclusion as me...

...that weight maintenance is actually more challenging than weight loss itself.

If this wasn't the case, 80% - 95% of people who have lost weight, wouldn't regain it all again.

Weight maintenance has its own set of skills. And as a weight loss and body composition coach, I believe I have an ethical obligation to teach them.

It's not just about weight loss... it's about learning the skills to hold on to all your hard work.

Today's episode explores 5 important skills to keep you off the yo-yo cycle for the rest of your life.

No more rebounding with your weight.


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6 Things to Master

A little while ago I did an online teaching series inside a Facebook group. And this podcast today is derived from one of those lessons that I taught.

There are some powerful learnings in here so much so that I wanted to bring it to you in my podcast.

There are six rules of power to learn which are derived very much around the rules that govern our decisions day by day, moment by moment, particularly around our pleasure pain paradigm.

The pleasure / pain paradigm comes from the motivational triad where we desire to seek pleasure avoid pain at all costs and conserve energy.

There are six rules that govern our decision-making around that pleasure pain paradigm - I hope you enjoy.

Three Keys for Your Transformation

There are 3 key principles that will absolutely change how you move through your body and mind transformation.

If you utilise these 3 principles, your journey will not be a fleeting diet, but rather a life long change.

You may be surprised at the simplicity of them…

Return To Sender

'You don't need to lose weight.'

'Is that safe?'

'Woe, that's a bit extreme isn't it?'

'Why aren't you having dessert?'

If you've been on any kind of weight loss journey in the past, I am sure you can relate to hearing these comments from others.

And it has always been a fascinating thing for me because often it comes from people who aren't exactly in the height of peak physical fitness themselves.

But you've made a decision to move towards better health, a leaner body composition, more strength, and generally live a healthier life.

And yet you feel like you're copping flack for it.

What do you do with that?

Let's dive into this in this episode.


A Personal Story of How I Overcame Emotional Eating

Ok. Time to be a little vulnerable with you all 💖.

I would much rather be completely open with my own personal struggles, and what I have learned from them, rather than giving off a false pretense that I have everything together 100% of the time.

I simply don't. And I'm ok with that.

This episode I share my background story, my emotional overeating dysfunctional cycle, and the steps I took to overcome it.

I have maintained my new weight for more than 10 years now - and I can honestly tell you, it is so freeing to feel completely in control around food.

I am no longer victim to my emotions, where I hope that food will fix my feelings.

Food doesn't fix anything except for hunger.

I hope you enjoy x

Can I Think Like An Adult?

Video Series Part III:

This podcast episode (derived from my three-part video series) looks at how we think, and how this can seriously impact not only our fat loss journey, but how we go about maintaining our new weight.

I talk about Numbers and Drama. The numbers side of losing fat is the easy part.

But the drama we create in our brain is the important stuff that needs a lot of attention paid to it.

Enjoy! xx