How to come out of Christmas week weighing less

For many of us Christmas means weight gain. And each time its over, we promise ourselves that next year will be different.

But girl, I promise you that it doesn't have to mean that. It really doesn't. And in today's episode I give you 7 steps on how you can approach Christmas week (from the 24th December through to the 30th) with a game plan that will have you leaving the silly season with a big smile on your face.

Not only did you NOT miss out on the deliciousness of Christmas day - including some festive drinkies, but you also managed to drop weight.

Yes, and yes please. I wish I had these tips for the 15 years I yo-yo'ed!!

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Delegating ALL the responsibility to future me

New Year New Me... I'll lose the weight then. It's in the too hard basket to lose weight leading up to Christmas.

So we make the decision that 'next year' will be MY year to lose all my unwanted fat.

But in that decision, we end up 'dumping' all the responsibility on our future selves, and not taking any of that responsibility now - we eat ALL the things at the Christmas parties, we over-indulge at all the festive gatherings - because, well, you know - FUTURE me will take care of it. That's HER problem.

What if there was a solution to taking on a bit of the responsibility now?

I hope you enjoy x

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Is slow weight loss jeopardising your results?

We have often been taught that a sensible approach to fat loss (you know, slow and steady) is the only healthy way to drop fat.

We're taught that fast weight loss is not sustainable in the long term.

And the thinking behind it goes something like this:

If you lose it fast, you'll gain it back fast.

And NOBODY wants that.

But what if I told the opposite to be true?

What if I told you that slow weight loss may in fact be jeopardising your results, not helping them?

If you've believed the same or similar thoughts, then this podcast is for you.

Enjoy! xx

Two Secret Weapons to Stop Weight [re]gain

Video Series Part II:

What if I was to tell you that I have two secret weapons that will not only support your fat loss, but will absolutely help you stop weight regain after your fat loss journey is over?

Well, I have some great news. This episode (taken from my three-part video series) has those exact things.

  1. The right amount of protein
  2. The best exercise for fat loss and weight maintenance

And I have to say, while the first secret weapon may make you think 'yeah, yeah, more protein, I know...' it really is the secret weapon to your body composition journey.

Enjoy x

The Reason Why Losing Weight is so Hard

I have turned my 3 part video series into a podcast for those of you who prefer to listen.

In this episode, we dive into the reasons why weight loss is so difficult. I get it. I've been there. It WAS hard. It's not just you.

If you have experienced yo-yo dieting before, your body is doing exactly what it was programmed to do.

But there is hope - and in this episode I give you tangible steps to take to set you on the path to success.

The Secret to Dieting & Getting around Restriction

Losing fat takes an element of self control. It just does. But full on super restrictive approaches don't work long term.

If I told you not to eat, smell or even look at your FAVOURITE food for the next 6 months, AAAALLLLLLLL you're going to be thinking about is that food, right?

Tell me I can't have something....I want it even more! And you're probably the same.

So what do you do?

If you know that your favourite thing is what is causing you to overeat (because it is so darn yummy and you can't say no), but now you're told you can't think about, look at or even smell it, (what IS with that by the way!), how do you move towards your goal without feeling deprived?

There is an answer. And I share it with you in this minisode today. Enjoy!

How to Optimise Your Meals and hit your Protein Targets

We know protein is an important macronutrient - THE most important one, in fact. And yet often getting in enough protein feels challenging for many of us.

Today I break down the HOW TO of hitting your protein targets in a really simple, practical way. I show you exactly what I eat most days, and how keeping things simple is the best approach to changing your body, your health, and your nutrition.

Carbs Are The Enemy Part III

Not only are we told that carbs are the enemy, but we are also told that sugar causes weight gain, sugar is poison, sugar is evil, eliminate sugar....

In the third part of the 'Carbs are the Enemy' Series, we look closer into sugar, the research around it, they myths, the facts, and some funnies in amongst all the seriousness.

If you haven't listened to the first and second part of this series, I highly recommend you do so.

Raw Food, Detox Cleanses and Organic. Fact or Fiction?

We are told from our grandparents, our doctors, the latest blog or from 'influencers' that we should eat ONLY raw foods, ONLY organic, ONLY unprocessed, and that detoxing is absolutely necessary.

But this way of thinking is very black and white, and not necessarily the absolute truth.

Today we walk through 5 Nutrition Myths that may actually surprise you.

How To Lose Stubborn Fat

Losing that last bit of stubborn fat is hard! And it's usually the last 5kg that is the most difficult to shed.

Is it possible? Absolutely.

Is it going to take commitment and precision to achieve? It most certainly will.

In this episode we look at the important factors required to drop the last five, how your menstrual cycle affects your hunger, and my unique approach to overcome it.