The Secret to Dieting & Getting around Restriction

December 9, 2021

Losing fat takes an element of self control. It just does. But full on super restrictive approaches don't work long term.

If I told you not to eat, smell or even look at your FAVOURITE food for the next 6 months, AAAALLLLLLLL you're going to be thinking about is that food, right?

Tell me I can't have something....I want it even more! And you're probably the same.

So what do you do?

If you know that your favourite thing is what is causing you to overeat (because it is so darn yummy and you can't say no), but now you're told you can't think about, look at or even smell it, (what IS with that by the way!), how do you move towards your goal without feeling deprived?

There is an answer. And I share it with you in this minisode today. Enjoy!