Toddler Vs Adult - Who Will Win?

March 4, 2021

What happens when you step on the scales and instead of losing weight, you've gained weight? You've worked SO hard, it literally doesn't seem fair.

What happens when you have a bad day. From the get-go you felt out of control with your eating and a sneaky snack of oreos turns into an all-day binge fest.

We have 2 brains inside our head, both with different roles to play. Our adult brain, and our toddler brain.

Letting your toddler brain be in charge of making decisions is like letting a toddler run through the house with a knife - Its dangerous, right? You just wouldn't let that happen.

Today's episode outlines the purpose of both these parts of our brains, and how to use them to their best potential for you and your goals.

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