Fat Loss and Weight Maintenance are Skills II

Our brains are wired for comfort. It will do everything in its power to get you to avoid pain, seek pleasure, and conserve energy.

And when you think about it, fat loss is the exact opposite.

We need to train (it involves an element of pain), we need to eat less of the foods we love when they are not serving our goal (less pleasure), and we need to move our body more through increasing our NEAT (Non-Exercise-Activity-Thermogenesis), which is the opposite of conserving energy.

So when we experience difficulty in the process of dropping unwanted fat, it is because our brains are literally hard wired for the opposite.

In the previous Gift Box I talked about learning the piano. It is a skill that requires time, repetition, and a heck of a lot of patience.

Fat loss is a skill that requires time, repetition, and a heck of a lot of patience.

And part of developing a new skill is the understanding of what makes challenges the new skill brings, so that we can pre-empt them, and make a plan to work around those challenges.

Developing the following daily actions are a great place to start:

  1. Preplan your food ahead of time using a Reverse Food Diary
  2. Book in your times that you will go to the gym for the coming week
  3. Focus on hitting your protein target
  4. Review at the end of each day and see what you should start doing differently tomorrow, what you should stop doing moving forward, and what you need to continue doing.

These workouts are designed to be done in the gym environment where you have the use of equipment. They take only 30 minutes with each workout following on and building upon the previous.

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