Nutrition Is Not An Opinion

Nutrition is not an 'opinion'. It is a science. And when you understand the principles of changing your body composition, the science becomes so much clearer.

Successfully losing fat, dropping weight, building lean muscle, or changing your body composition doesn't have to be a massive overhaul. It really doesn't. All you need is to apply the scientific principles, and make small decisions each day.

Success comes from a series of small decisions made each and every day, over a period of time.

It starts with a decision to change your body.

Then, it is many consistent decisions made that will continue to move you towards your goal.

That's it.

The easiest way to guide your decisions is by asking yourself this question:

Will this X move me towards my goal, or move me away from it?

Try it. You might just surprise yourself.

When you are beginning your journey to drop fat and increase lean muscle, your nutrition is just as important as training. But how much of what should you be eating?

A properly put together nutrition plan will have you melting off body fat, but without having to eat only chicken and broccoli.

I have created a worksheet for you on how to calculate your macros in 4 steps. So go ahead and download it now.

These workouts are designed to be done in the gym environment where you have the use of equipment. They take only 30 minutes with each workout following on and building upon the previous.

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